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"The Great Adventure Bundle 2010"

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TTG Store said:
With the Great Adventure Bundle 2010, Telltales Games has teamed up with some top PC-game publishers to bring together six great adventure games in one bundle at an incredible price. Best of all, 25 percent of your purchase price is being set aside for select charitable causes.

It's so easy: Just choose your cause - if you don't choose, your tax-deductible donation will be spread evenly among them all - then make your purchase. To help reach our goals, we've set two of the games to be unlockable once unit sales reach a certain number.

Stay tuned to the Telltale blog, Twitter and Facebook for Great Adventure Bundle news and updates - and help spread the word!

Included in the bundle:
- The Whispered World
- Jack Keane
- Penny Arcade Adventures
- King's Quest Collection

When sales goal are met, Puzzle Agent and Sam & Max Season 2 unlock!

Please note that this bundle won't work with the "Poker Night" discount.

EDIT: Aww, typo in title. Can a mod fix it?
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