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Telltale Panel at PAX

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Okay guys, there's currently quite a large ocean between me and PAX, but I'm sure some of you managed to get there. The TTG panel was yesterday, and I haven't been able to find anything related to that online, except for the following. This was posted by Polychrome on the Monkey Island forum, but he/she focused purely on possible Monkey Island-news:
Who's here?

If they say anything Monkey Island related, I'll post here.


Panel stuff:

1. No MI stuff announced...yet.

2. Lucasarts licences NOT in trouble.They made this very clear when asked.

3. Hope somebody puts the video of the panel on youtube.

4. Winslow beats Morgan in popularity it seems.
Then there was this tweet by Vanaman:
thanks to everyone who came to the ttg panel and saw tycho turn into a velociraptor. #spoiler about 17 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
He might be joking, but I do remember an old comic where Tycho actually turned into a dinosaur, so it might be hinting at a Poker Night-trailer/gameplay video.

So, anyone who went who wants to tell us all the juicy details? Someone from TTG who wants to upload a video of the panel?

Edit: Found the old Tycho-turning-into-a-dinosaur comic:
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