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DeLorean Rebuilt? *Movie Spoilers*

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So... I thought when the DeLorean got destroyed Doc was happy it was. I mean it was in pieces. If they were to rebuild it I don't think it would make any sense honestly. Unless some competiting scientist found Doc's notes and made his own DeLorean and you are on a mission to have it destroyed once again. That would make sense, but to have it rebuilt again after they were glad it was destroyed wouldn't make sense. What do you guys think?

"...Well Doc, it's destroyed... Just like you wanted..."
—Marty standing at the remains of the DeLorean

Marty: "Where ya going Doc? Back to the future?"
Doc: "No, already been there!"
— Doc and Marty during the final scene of Back to the Future Part lll

If anything, I bet we'll just see a picture of the DeLorean or a flashback or something.
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  • Yeah, but he made that train which doesn't really seem like he is extremely against time travel. So I don't really think he'd be that against rebuilding the DeLorean.
  • Perhaps the game is about the timeline being screwed up, and Marty suddenly coming upon the Delorean in a time and place it is not supposed to be and having to go to the last place of departure to find out what is going on. Or perhaps it takes place during Docs travels between the first and second movie, where he meets a future Marty. It is about timetravel, there are loads of possibilities.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    "Movie spoilers"!!! That is soooo cute!! ;)
  • They had the DeLorean in the cartoon series, which was set after the third movie and which remains terribly popular on this forum... ;)
  • Plus, the totally-canon BTTF: The Ride featured Doc inventing the eight-seat remote controlled DeLorean. And the equally-canon clips in line for the replacement Simpsons Ride featured Professor Frink go back in a DeLorean to Doc's institute.

    It's not impossible for Doc to build a new DeLorean Time Machine.
  • It's already been confirmed the Game isn't a sequel. It's somewhat of an "alternate timeline".
  • That's the exact opposite of what I heard in the last interview I saw.
  • And using time travel, Doc can just borrow the original intact delorian and return it an instant after he takes it.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    GuruGuru214;376234 said:
    That's the exact opposite of what I heard in the last interview I saw.
    Duh, that discussion again. It's obvious that in the early stages of production, TTG team members couldn't just walk around saying "This is a sequel/ this is BTTF 4/ we want to continue the movies' storyline/ we'd like to create new canon" without the contact to Bob Gale or Robert Zemeckis. That would have been blasphemy! Instead, they went for the careful approach, hence the "alternate/expanded universe" idea and relativisms like "you couldn't actually call these sequels...". And you could argue for ages which is right and which is wrong.

    Statements have since been far more bold. Sinaz spoke of "new canon" and the continuation of the movie storyline is a known fact. The last interview with Bob Gale finds him reluctant to call the games a "sequel" (and hear: because "it is another medium"), but I would have expected nothing else.

    Fact is: The game continues the story of the movies, TTG will try really hard to make this a game that could at least be considered "new canon". Whether you consider that a BTTF sequel/4/canon or whatever, will eventually depend on yourself. If you properly define the terms "sequel" or "canon" and compare them with what we'll get, you might come to your own conclusion about what's what.
  • It's really not confirmed whether it will be a sequel or not, but Dennis Lenart mentioned that they are making sure the timelines from the trilogy will be preserved. And that something happens after the events of the three films.

    So actually it very well could be considered as a sequel and dare I say canon material since Bob Gale is giving inputs. But unlike The Ride and Animated Series (which was also had Bob Gale as a producer), this game is likely going to be closer to the tone of the films and hence can be considered canon.
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