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How do you people feel about ROMs?

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Like do you feel that it is morally wrong to download roms (& various other files) from dead consoles?
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  • So long as you legally own(ed) the game, it's fine by my book. I can't stand people who download and export ROMs of games yet to be imported though.
  • I honestly don't know how I feel about Roms, I don't have any if I'm playing a classic game I have an NES,SNES,GENESIS, and older systems.
  • I feel it is wrong to download games from active consoles (& yes that includes the PS2) but in my opinion, as long as it is from a dead console I don't see the harm. Yes I know it is illegal, but at the same time I don't really feel it should be. It isn't like music where you can go into a store to buy a brand new copy of a CD that was released in the 70s... these games are nowhere to be seen on store selfs (well NEW at least).

    I do have an idea though which could benefit everybody involved.

    Make a legal ROM site where you pay like $30-$40 for like a year's subscription to the site & the publishers & developers get a slice of the profits.
  • Well I do use ROMS from old systems like the MSX, because I dont have a MSX anymore so I have to run a emulator. Some of the games I own some I don't but there is no way to get them legally anymore, these are games from around '83.

    Even if the company is still existing most of the time they ignore that the games exist so I dont have a moral problem with that.

    I think konami is never going to sell me the original metal gear from '86 so why do I have to pay somebody else for it.
  • Just a heads up, please don't post links to emulators or roms.
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