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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • Well, you know what I mean, it's possible that it could happen
  • Just finished all Seasons for the second time and although I knew that [SPOILER](another) Max comes back[/SPOILER] I found one or two tears in my eyes :o

    Just the most entertaining series of Point and Clicks ever, so please be workin' on a 4th season....
  • I want another season but I would also be happy if Sam and Max hit the road were re-released like Monkey Island 1 and 2
    I would get some more Sam and Max fun and it would probably be easier than making a whole new season
  • PressidentMax;651235 said:
    [CENTER]Don't read if you haven't played 204/305

    In Sam & Max 204, you see a future, senile Sam & Max and at the end of 305, Max from 204 arrives in the time traveling lift, these both point to the fact that there could be a Season 4

    In Space Quest IV you travelled to Space Quest X and XII. Where are Space Quest X and XII now, huh?! :p

    I want a Season 4, but showing future of the characters in games doesn't grant an actual continuation of the series.
  • Farlander;655619 said:
    In Space Quest IV you travelled to Space Quest X and XII. Where are Space Quest X and XII now, huh?! :p
    Give Telltale time. ;)
  • None of the 3 seasons so far captured the spirit of the original game.

    Also, each episode seemed a rehash of the last. Visually as well as puzzle & story wise.
  • Ive been hoping for awhile for Season 4 of Sam & Max. Ive been a fan since the original release from Lucas Arts. Games Like Full Throttle, The Dig, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island & Indiana Jones (Fate of Atlantis) are also still my favorite PC Classic's. For all of those old school adventure lovers, I recommend you check, Blackwell Series, Resonance & Da New Guys (Day of the Jack*ss) are great games to play while your waiting for telltale to put out more games & episodes. They use the same graphics & gameplay as Lucas Arts Classic Adventure games use.:cool:
  • We all know this is gonna happen at this point. They need to bring Sam & Max back, with Sam & Max being Telltale's Mascots, and Telltale is gonna need some new game ideas, so untill Telltale thinks of that idea they have to have Sam & Max back them up, unless they get Strong Bad. :D
  • I looked through this thread, and I have to say the ideas I like most are the ones involving a road trip and having Sybil and Abe's baby stolen. Here's my idea:

    Episode 1 Prologue:

    Sam and Max are in their office. After a bit of comedic discussion between Sam and Max (including a line or two to settle this whole "real Max" thing), they hear a scream from outside. They look out and see Sybil running around in a panic, and attempt to leave the office...but it appears Max accidentally locked them in. After a quick tutorial, which involves busting down the wall into Flint Paper's office and exiting through his door, our favorite freelance police finally make it down to the street.

    Episode 1:

    Sybil tells them that her son has been kidnapped by some fast streak of light, but luckily they decided to implant a GPS tracking device in his brain, which shows his location at the Grand Canyon. She also gives them a communicator which allows her and Abe to give them hints throughout their travels.
    They arrive at the Grand Canyon. They can explore several different areas: Top of the canyon, bottom of the canyon, campsite on the wall of the canyon, gift shop, and a near by town where they meet several characters, new and old. The list includes:
    The C.O.P.S. (Still built into the DeSoto, so they travel along with Sam and Max)
    Bosco (Fleeing from Vegas in a new disguise because Dr. Momma Bosco never wired him the money)
    Bosco's Wife (Who turns out to be a Mannequin. Seriously, Bosco marrying a real woman?)
    Hubert Q Tourist (Continuing his travels of America)
    Jackie Guarro (Lives in the near-by town. Sam gets a strange feeling around her)
    Doc and Cameron (A documentary film team, narrator and camera guy, trying to make a movie about sand worms in the Grand Canyon)
    Superball (Decided that as president he should spend some time seeing the Nation's landmarks)

    Eventually, after a lot of comedy, mischief, and puzzle solving, Sam and Max find a hidden cavern with Sybil and Abe's son inside. As they approach him, Jackie Guarro comes into the cavern, tells them to stay away, and transforms into a Jaguar (Sam hates cats joke) and runs over to the baby. Every time you try to get close, she runs fast enough to create a wind vortex that pushes you away. Figure out how to stop her (in a way that results in her getting her paw caught under a large rock), and then the final cutscene of the episode starts. You leave the cavern and see Superball there, who overs to take the baby back to his parents on Air Force One. Sam and Max get ready to head home, but are stopped by Doc and Cameron who decide documentaries aren't cool anymore, and now they want to make an action-packed Sam and Max movie.

    I didn't think the rest of the episodes through as much as that one, but here's some thoughts for each:

    Episode 2:

    Sam and Max go to Hollywood with Doc and Cameron to film their movie. When it's finally complete, they go to the premiere and find themselves put into a theater by themselves (which they are assured is normal). You get to watch a bit of the movie, then it skips to the end. When the camera goes back on Sam and Max, they can't remember any of it, or anything that's happened for the entire length of the film. They realize their communicator is missing, and after finding and defeating the Episode boss (Cameron), he tells you that you're too late and he's already passed it along to his accomplice, who Doc according to Doc is in Canada.

    Episode 3:

    They go to Canada and meet a lot of people, one of them turns out to be the accomplice (the only non-recurring character there who turns out to not actually be Canadian) with the communicator so they beat him/her and get it back. I didn't think this one through at all, I just knew I wanted them to go to Canada. Anyway, they look at the communicator and Sybil is looking worried, but somewhat relieved that you finally answered. Superball never returned with the baby, and now the GPS says that their somewhere in the Florida swamps.

    Episode 4:
    They go to Florida and after adventuring for a bit they find a lab under the swamps with the bosses of the past three episodes all in glass pods, healing from their past injuries. The scientist here (who you had met earlier in the episode) can shoot electricity and locks you in a pod. You escape, beat him, lock him in the pod, and send all four to various locations. After this, Superball comes in with the baby and warns you that you just made a huge mistake. He doesn't have time to explain, as Sam and Max start pelting him with questions, followed by a masked face popping up on the large computer in the room and thanking Sam and Max for opening this opportunity for him to take over the world.

    Episode 5:

    Now we get an explanation from Superball. The masked man on the screen had contacted DC earlier warning them of his plans to conquer the world. These events were foretold in a comic book known as "The Super Six". The Super Six are as follows:

    "The Jaguar" - Jackie Guarro - Transformation to Jaguar and Super Speeds
    "Freeze Frame" - Cameron - Freezing People in Time
    ??? - ??? - ??? (The one from Canada. Again, I didn't put much thought into him/her)
    "Dr. Electro" - Scientist - Electricity Manipulation
    "Stone Baby" - Sybil and Abe's Son - Transformation into Strong Stone Creature
    "Superball" - Superball - Hyper-Bouncing (all those times he "teleported" he actually bounced up and down faster than we could see)

    You have to find the four remaining heroes scattered across the globe, convince them to join you after how you treated them before, and have them reunite back in NY to take down the villain...but where is he? He's turned back into his secret identity, and there are several people here it could be. But after eliminating all the suspects you thought of, a cutscene reveals his true identity: Hubert Q. Tourist! But why would he suddenly reveal his identity to you? Because you're too late, he's already completed his plan and built a device to control the Super Six. In the final battle, Sam and Max must find away to steal the device and then find the right pattern to control them in to stop him!

    Then some big ending reunion cutscene.

    The End
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