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Tom Wilson

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We all know Tom Wilson for playing Biff in all 3 BTTF movies plus he reprised the role for the now deceased BTTF ride and the animated series but I was wondering, do you think TellTale could pull it off and actually get him to voice Biff again?

The reason why I ask is cause of recent years, Wilson has been distancing himself from the series, he won't sign memorabilia, he doesn't like been asked questions about it, he admitted in an interview years ago he was embarrased about his role which is a real shame cause I don't understand why?

Some say its cause hes afraid of typecasting but to be honest he is been typecast in a way cause he does a lot of voiceover work and most of the characters he plays are like bully types very much like Biff, I've seen this a lot on Spongebob Squarepants when he voices an episode.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    jp-30 wrote: »
    He likely has no idea. The merch/likeness rights are probably all in Universal's hands. :p

    MJF was different as he specifically didn't let Universal get his likeness rights when he signed the movie contracts. And if Telltale did indeed asked Lloyd for his likeness, it was probably more out of courtesy than any legal obligation.

    Aren't these rights supposed to expire after a certain period of time? After 20 (!) years, I can't imagine that Universal can still "permit" someone to use the face of an actor just because they were in these movies once. Also, weren't Crispin Glover's likeness rights the issue for BTTF II?
  • ^
    Yes. And otherwise they didn't need to ask M.J. Fox for his likeliness.
  • Whether they expire or not is up to the individual contract, I guess. It's the likeness of the character that the studios own, and that ought to last.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    It WOULD make things easier for TTG. But I'd love to hear an official answer in this matter.

    Last thing I read about likeness rights was in Drew Struzan's latest book. Disney wanted him to paint posters for their "Indiana Jones" park ride in 1989. They had bought the rights for story and character - but instructed Drew explicitly not to paint Harrison Ford's likeness because these rights did not come with the character (Drew eventually actually called Ford at his private home and got his personal permission to paint his likeness, but that's another story ;) ).
  • I'm sure if they drive a dumptruck up to Wilson's front lawn and drop a desirable amount of money on it, he will be up for it.
  • Yeah its kinda unique in the BTTF sense, most movies you have different villians so to speak. But what really makes BTTF work so great and yet so unique, is that you have this speciel way with Marty And Doc and the Biff.

    He is just so larger than life haha, Those 3 actors atleast for me are the core of BTTF.

    But i imagine it could be hard to keep coming up with new roles for BIFF. we have seen his young days, he old days, wild wild west biff, alternative reality BIFF.
  • I imagine they'll try to find some way to include a Tannen into the game. Since we know that Marty will go back in time to meet young Doc, I'm sure Tannen will be a bully to the nerdy young Doc. Probably Biff's dad.
  • Eff One wrote: »
    I'm sure if they drive a dumptruck up to Wilson's front lawn and drop a desirable amount of manure, he will be up for it.

    ^ fixed...... "I hate manure!"....... Ok, I thought it was funny!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    What exactly would you consider a desirable amount of manure?
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