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Tom Wilson

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We all know Tom Wilson for playing Biff in all 3 BTTF movies plus he reprised the role for the now deceased BTTF ride and the animated series but I was wondering, do you think TellTale could pull it off and actually get him to voice Biff again?

The reason why I ask is cause of recent years, Wilson has been distancing himself from the series, he won't sign memorabilia, he doesn't like been asked questions about it, he admitted in an interview years ago he was embarrased about his role which is a real shame cause I don't understand why?

Some say its cause hes afraid of typecasting but to be honest he is been typecast in a way cause he does a lot of voiceover work and most of the characters he plays are like bully types very much like Biff, I've seen this a lot on Spongebob Squarepants when he voices an episode.
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  • but it wasnt real manure in the movies (as we all know), that would be very mean.

    mmmmh... maybe he owns a drop-top? so we could put it right into his car. so we make sure he definitely gets the point
  • What exactly would you consider a desirable amount of manure?

    Just enough to properly fertilize the lawn and garden, I suppose
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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    That really bothers me.

    So it seems Tom Wilson (a professional voice actor) would have loved to do it, but wasn't contacted. I take his comments with a lot of grains of salt, though. He kept absolutely quiet for five months although I know for sure he had to erase a lot of comments inquiring about the game from his blog(s); would his agent have kept him from contacting TTG himself while there was still time? Is the active seeking of contact with TTG something unfitting to the actor? Or was his quietness some way of procrastinating the decision on how to react in case he is approached?

    Telltale must have assumed that he doesn't want to be associated with the role any more; but still they got Tom's likeness rights, didn't they? So did that happen even without a phone call of some sorts? I can understand if he was left out for budgetary reasons (this game is expensive enough for such a small company; something Wilson doesn't seem to grasp by commenting "they're shooting for an inferior product"). But that there was no contact at all even when Christopher Lloyd was already on board?

    Now Wilson seems p****d, which is a great pity, because he seems such a likeably guy - still I can't find any justification for him to attack a product he hasn't yet seen.
  • Yeah what made him "hate or dislike" BTTF so much i wonder? there must have been some point in his life that he eventually thought "i don't want to be associated with the whole BIFF character anymore, go away!" or something :confused:

    It's too bad really because he was also 1 of the bigger roles in the BTTF movies. Without him the movies would be so different!
  • I knew this would happen, hes turned his back on the franchise that made him what he is today, his stand-up isn't all that good anyway.
  • What a shame he's become so fed up with the series.
  • Nobody wants to be typecasted, and well it would be awesome to see a tannen played by wilson.
  • So it seems Tom Wilson (a professional voice actor) would have loved to do it, but wasn't contacted.

    He doesn't say in the image you posted that he would have loved do it, just that he wasn't contacted. If he has indeed tried to distance himself from the Back to the Future franchise as I've read in this thread, then I don't think he would have loved to do it. Hell, he could have contacted them himself if he was so keen, but evidently he isn't.
  • I think a lot of people here might be overreacting about his desire to distance himself from the franchise. I've seen him live at a comedy club once, I own his album, and I own his standup DVD. In each of these standup performances, he does act a little exaggeratedly bitter, not about his association with the role, but about the fact that it's the only thing anyone ever wants to talk to him about. He's tired of being treated like a mere pop-culture footnote, which is understandable--even Leonard Nimoy felt the same way about Spock once.
  • Wow...I don't get it! Why? I mean...why??
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