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What are the controls of Sam and Max Series 1?

posted by crazypete101 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
What are the controls of Sam and Max Series 1? I'm playing ht demo of "Situation: Comedy" but cannot figure out how things work. I've got it that a left click moves Sam, and examines or starts conversations. But how do i pick up things? use things? etc? I tried everything in the office and couldn't pick up anything, then again nothing at the tv studio, help please!:confused:
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If Sam can pick something up, he will, just by clicking on it. There's not a lot you can pick up right away in the start of Situation: Comedy, to be honest. But really the controls are:

    * Left clicking anywhere that's not a hot spot: Sam will move there
    * Left clicking on a hot spot: Sam will look at it, or, if he can pick it up, he will.
    * Right clicking on anything already in your inventory: Sam will look at it
    * Right clicking anywhere else: Will do nothing :)

    That's it! :)
  • thanks for the speedy reply!

    seems i just need more patience then!
  • actually, you missed something:

    Left click on something in your inventory, then left click on a hotspot: Use the item on the object you clicked.
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