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No font ingame/menu - Windows 7

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i´ve just bought the "The Great Adventure Bundle 2010" and i have no font in the Puzzle Agent menu. Its hardly to start the game or exit it. I found a thread about Mac OS and it only appears on this systems, but i have Windows 7 and i don´t know how i can fix it. I found no update or patch of the game. System language is german, if it´s matter.

Here are the screenshots from the menu.
image image image image

My System:
Intel Q9550@3.6GHz - XFX HD5870 - Gigabyte X38-DS5
2x 80GB SSD Intel Postville Raid0 - 2x Samsung F1 1TB - Hitachi 320GB
8GB Corsair Dominator - Corsair HX520W
Asus Xonar Essence STX - beyerdynamic MMX300
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
24" IPS Panel HP LP2475w

It should run on this rig?!
Please help me, puzzle agent is the main reason why i bought this bundle! ;)
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  • I do experience this problem myself (with a french Windows 7).

    I can't seem to find the thread where I found the solution, but you should set the region of the system to english : Start Menu, then Configuration Panel, then within the Time, Date and Region section you will find the Set the keyboards option. That's where I changed from French to English and was finally able to play the game.
  • I just updated to Windows 7 and I have no menus at all in puzzles. For example I'm on the second puzzle Directions and Detours and I can't see the logs that I'm supposed to drag, nor the stoplights that I'm supposed to pass. My language is set to English so I know that's not the problem. Resolution is set to the native resolution for my monitor.
  • Thanks zappybbc!. Now i have the font ingame.
  • Haha, what you see on the menus is the opposite of me! I have text but no volume sliders... ._.
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