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Drew Struzan

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Now that we've had a glimpse of all the possible monumentalities TTG might achieve - with Christopher Lloyd actually voice-acting and Bob Gale sharing his advice - we might dream a little about all the things that still could be.

Every single part of the Back to the Future triology featured a brilliant, iconic poster by artist extraordinaire Drew Struzan. He's kind of retired by now, but is not only known to occasionally still paint posters, but he's also pretty active with his upcoming book and documentary, he was at SDCC this year and he'll even be at the anniversary reunion.

As he has already done book and even CD covers, honestly, why not an official TTG BTTF game cover? TTG has secured the likeness of Michael J. and Christopher Lloyd, why not have a realistic poster for the game, if the budget possibly allows it? What do you think?
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