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What am I looking at in length for finishing this game?
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  • 3-5 hours, I guess. All depends how good you are at puzzles and whether or not you complete them all and/or use the hints. Any optional ones you miss, you can complete after the game finishes. 37 puzzles in all, if I remember properly.
  • Took me 4 hours on Sunday night to fully complete the game - I am slightly disappointed. Many puzzles were repeating and the story was a mess. If I would have been asked to pay $10 for this on a regular basis, I'm not sure I would get a season subscription. The saving grace was atmosphere (Fargo being one of my favorite movies and all) and graphics but this game would need some major rework in puzzle department for it to become a compelling series.
  • only took me 3 hours, not a long game, but it is still very good, I think ive played it 3 times over now.
  • About 5 hours to complete the full game (37 puzzles, some of which are optional).
  • Took me about 8 hours. Some of the puzzles have multiply solutions but the gameonly accepts one solution which was really frustrating.
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