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I have 2 questions that i need anwers to

Question 1: Will Mr purcell ever do anymore Sam and max comics again. the only 1 i have in my possession is the updated version of surfin the highway(i was either to young or was nort born when the originals were in production) Surfin the highway has quickly become one of my top 4 books in my library(up there with Bone one volume how ironic) and even though i have read it more then 10 times it still intrestin each time so i wonder if he's gonna do more, the comic won numerous awards so i just thought.

Question 2: I heard of these two sam and max sketch books By steve purcell and i wonder if they are ever gona reprint them them tey wre called. "The Age of S&M - A Sam & Max Sketchbook " and " The Effigy Mound: A Sam & Max Sketchbook" i wish i had interent when these were in circullatios but alas i was not and these two books sliped by my fingers. i tried to find them but 1 since im a fan i prefer to buy it from telltale and 2 i found them on amazon and......yeah 500 bucks i think not. so i just wanted to kow if they are gona reprint them anytime soon. since im young compared to other sam and max fans i missed out on these to books.

And those are my 2 questions please leave any answers or comments


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    Not to be rude but...
    1.You dont post it here
    2.As Seibert pointed out in the sam and max chat, you dont post the same thing twice, just in different areas, that if disliked here(see tacoman01 02 03 04 and golfing1234)
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