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Another lack of response from support

posted by Pinchpenny on - Viewed by 130 users
I hope you don't mind me creating a new thread, but it seems to be the only way to get noticed.

I originally sent an email to support (issue-34954) on the 3rd September and received a response on the 8th, to which I responded to again as the issue wasn't completely resolved. However, more than a week later, I have yet to receive a reply back. Please could this be looked into? I've waited longer in the past (and I'm sure others are currently), but this is relating to ordering from the store and things could go out of stock without warning. As I've stated in a past thread, this isn't a spam filtering issue on my end as neither my ISP nor my email client has it enabled.

I hate to be outright about it, but Telltale's support isn't up to much scratch. I stress that the actual results you get from it are great, friendly and helpful, but it just takes far too long to get there. Two business days should be the longest wait for a reply, I reckon. I understand you have more customers than you used to, thus a higher rate of emails, but, to be blunt, that isn't my/our problem. I think this issue to be addressed fairly imminently if Telltale wants to retain a solid reputation for support. Let head office know!

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