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The Whispered World & Puzzle Agent issues

posted by Maikel_Ortega on - Viewed by 91 users
Hi, i'm having a lot of problems to play this games.

My pc specs:

Windows XP
Nvidia GeForce 7300
Intel Core Duo processor T2350 (1.86GHz)

The Whispered World: Besides it takes like 3-5 minutes to load the Main Menu, it just shut down now and then, saying something about C++ libraries (I don't have a screenshot, will submit one if the problem repeats) . It happened to me 4 times by now, and since it takes so much to load the game again it's pretty annoying.

Puzzle Agent: Sluggish as hell, frameskip and pauses incoherently. Also I can't read any text inside the game, it's like they are invisible (like the one that should be on the "CLUE" button at puzzles)

Hope you can help asap, thanks.
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