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A Mac Conclave

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I'm a little disappointed I can't find a Mac thread, a little conclave of Mac users appreciating that TellTell has actually created great adventure games for Mac, fending off PC users telling them to buy PC, and asking for more ports.

If no one has done it here yet (and even if they have), let me say thanks to TellTale for creating Mac versions of Puzzle Agent, Tales of Monkey Island and the latest Sam & Max.

I hope you continue to support the platform. You have no idea how much I'm dying to play the Wallace & Gromit and Strongbad games. I'm certainly willing to put my money where my mouth is and continue to buy. I'm willing to put my mouth where my money is and continue to tell my Mac friends about your games.
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  • Yeah, let me just say that even though I'm a PC gamer, my mother really enjoyed playing Puzzle Agent on her Mac. Kudos to you Telltale for reaching out to a whole new world of gamers!
  • I think the reason there hasn't been one is because we don't need one. I have seen a total lack of Mac Haters here, and they are in a minority now anyway.

    Besides, I would gladly buy a PC just for gaming had I the money, my Mac is old.
  • The newfound Mac love of late's been great, between my two main ports of call Telltale and Steam. Don't get me wrong, i'm a PC fella, but it's good that you guys are getting to have fun with us as well :)
  • Heh, we used to have all the fun with you, remember OS9, yeah it had games on it. I'm really happy for the intel mac thing.

    I wonder if many Halo fans are Mac haters. That would be ironic, considering what the Marathon series was exclusively developed for before the Microsoft buyout
  • Remolay;380989 said:
    I think the reason there hasn't been one is because we don't need one. I have seen a total lack of Mac Haters here, and they are in a minority now anyway.
    Well, I was trying to get a laugh, although I've certainly seen the anti-Mac thing happen.
  • I never really needed the Mac versions of the games because I have a perfectly servicable PC, but the fact that they now exist in Mac format means that I can play them at school on my laptop! Which may not be such a good thing, now that I think of it...
  • I really like my MacBook Pro, it's such a well designed device. The only thing which bothers me is, that it isn't this good at 3d and of course it was too expensive. As soon as the episodes were available for the Mac, i stopped playing them on my PC. It just felt comfy playing them on the Mac, were you don't have this many games, which is a good and a bad thing.

    I wonder when we'll see the next seasons beeing ported to the Mac.
  • I'm going to toss in my two cents and a Kudos to Telltale for considering Mac in their game releases. I'm a lifetime Mac user, and while I've mostly been a console gamer for a majority of my life, I'm incredibly glad to have some great options when gaming on my Mac.

    Given I'm moving to the U.K. in two days and can't pack my PS2 or Gamecube (which are region locked anyways, so it's a bit moot), having Tales of Monkey Island on my trusty Macbook Pro is a big blessing, especially since I have a 11-12 hour flight to look forward to.
  • If only those batteries would ever last that long.
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