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Bought S&M Season 3 on steam

posted by Eleonauni on - last edited - Viewed by 219 users
Would I be able to get the end of season DVD here even though I pre-ordered it on Steam? I can provide proof if necessary.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    No you will not (unless you are willing to pay for it).
    That is one of the advantages of buying the season on Telltale's website.
  • You get the choice of paying less and losing the free DVD or paying more and getting the free DVD... Inicially I chose the former option (Telltale Everything Pack was like $30 or $40 and had _ALL_ the games released as of then), but I couldnt wait till Xmas for Steam to put S3 on sale so I got it gtom TTG for $20 (vs likely 7.99-9.99 on Steam's Xmas sale) and qualified for the DVD. It all just depends on what's more important to you.
  • louiza;382296 said:
    I think you can if you already payed for it in advance...;)
    Like Macfly77 said: Not if he bought it on Steam. Steam != Telltale Games.
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