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Episode 3 crash on startup

posted by bonesaw on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Hello, I'm getting the error "Unable to create audio device!" at game startup. I just downloaded the game over Gametap and they have no idea what's wrong. I've played through the first two episodes just fine, no crashes whatsoever. I've tried closing out all other programs and non essential processes, but no luck. Please help!

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  • Hi Bonesaw,

    Sorry to hear about the problem. GameTap should be able to troubleshoot this with you. The best way to get help with GameTap is through their support link or by calling customer service at 1-866-722-5295.

    Please let us know how it turns out. I hope you're up and running soon!
  • I've already said that Gametap can't figure out the problem. I was hoping you might have some suggestions.

  • I just downloaded the game over Gametap and they have no idea what's wrong.
    Sorry, I read that as "I have no idea what's wrong." I need more sleep. :(

    The error message means that there is no audio detected (for example, no sound device on the machine, or no sound drivers installed). Unfortunately it's hard for us to say why you're getting that error message when you didn't get it before, since we don't know what GameTap does with your audio and how playing in the GameTap client affects your audio device.

    What did GameTap say when you talked to them about it?
  • Pretty much what they always say when I have a problem. They analyze the scan logs that their client has and they tell me they don't know what's wrong.
  • What kind of sound card do you have? I'm assuming that sound is working properly everywhere else (including in the GameTap client and other GameTap games), just not when you launch Sam & Max ep3? Can you try updating your audio drivers and see if that fixes it?
  • Good news. I managed to solve the problem myself. It was actually pretty simple and should have been obvious to both me and Gametap. But in case anyone else runs into this error under similar circumstances, I'll share what I did.

    Go into the control panel and open Sound and Audio Devices. Under the audio tab make sure the default device is set to your sound card. In my case I have a program called Total Recorder installed that changed the default device to itself instead of the actual sound card, which is what caused the error. Piece of cake. Now the game works perfectly and I'm happy again. :)
  • Whew! I'm glad you figured it out, becuase I really wasn't sure what to suggest. :o

    Thank you for letting us know how you fixed it, this is great information.
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