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National Novel Writing Month

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For those who don't know: National Novel Writing Month is a yearly challenge in which participants write at least 50,000 words of a story in November.

Anyone else doing it this year? The forums just came back up, so I'm excited. Last year was the first year I succeeded and properly enjoyed myself, and I'm hoping to succeed again.

Don't know what I'm writing about yet, exactly. I have a setting, and it's science fiction themed, but I don't really have a plot or characters.
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  • I think this came as something that basically would be my calling.

    But I really need to think about this. And with thinking I'm not talking about the subject. I'm thinking about time management.

    EDIT: Screw this, this is a once in a year chance. I'm a god damn author!

    Also, I absolutely have no idea what I'm going to write, and quite frankly, I only want to know on day one.
  • 50,000 words in 30 days is 1,667 words a day. I can do that in one or two hours when I'm not worrying about the quality of the writing, so it doesn't take up too much time a day.

    Some people have written a million words in November, but I don't know how they managed that.
  • My problem is time management conflicting with me not thinking I'm good enough. Luckily, I always have great ideas.

    You know, the only thing that I'm not sure about is whether I should write in English or Dutch.
  • The whole point of NaNo is to get you writing whether you think you're good enough or not, so you're not the only one.

    I'm definitely planning out some characters and a general plot. I tried coming up with it as I went along, and it... didn't work.
  • Well, problem with me is, I have about a dozen ideas for story. Aside from the Legend of Ertar (which is written in its entirety in Dutch), I also have several unnamed projects, some of which are based on cosmic horror stories, others which are more fit as television series, some even more fit for video games (the Legend of Ertar was supposed to be an RPG made in RPG Maker), and some which are just generally random and pretty not for kids.

    And then there's this massive crossover story with all characters I've created, since most of them are in the same universe anyway.
  • I glanced at the title and inititially assumed this was a doodo thread
  • I tried it once when I was 12. I think I might try it again. I need to come up with a plot now.

    1st person is my best style, and it will no doubt be humour.
    I've made one good 3rd person story, and that needs to be edited because I made a part that makes you just say "Why?", The reason, because the guy was bored
  • I prefer third person limited. It's fun to filter the descriptions through the character's perceptions and biases.
    JedExodus;386152 said:
    I glanced at the title and inititially assumed this was a doodo thread
    Huh? Why?
  • I usually do stream-of-consciousness writing for NaNo. It's a great way to go back and pick out themes you never would have written down otherwise. Sometimes I just can't tell if I'm onto something unless I have it written down in front of me.
  • Shwoo;386165 said:
    Huh? Why?
    Before I learnt what NaNoWriMo actually meant I looked at it and thought "ahhh, more weird stuff, i'll save that for last :)"

    Somewhat on subject though, it's my ambition someday to write a sitcom. Thusly becoming a shallow husk of a man when nobody finds it funny
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