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Australian Order, Not Yet Here, Who Do I Talk To?

posted by Atcote88 on - last edited - Viewed by 106 users

I'm just posting up about an order I made a month ago; I got a response that the package had shipped a couple of days later, and the tracking number (due to it being the lowest level of shipping) doesn't really seem to do much; my order was to Australia and it included a ToMI Drink Vassel and Sam and Max Freelance Police DVD with the Night at the Inventory discount.

Usually packages I sent out for have arrived at this point from the US; who do I talk to at this point to see where my package is and what it is doing?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Try the support email man (, might get you an answer quicker.

    I know how you feel though; I am also from Australia and am yet to recieve my DVD's purchased at the start of September.
  • Actually, received a helpful email from Telltale staff, telling me basically the same thing, but thank you anyway Apple24.

    Package just arrived today, almost a day to the six-week maximum period.

    I'm sorry Telltale, I'll never doubt your extremely close cutting (but still accurate) mailing times again. :D
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