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You're the ruler of the universe. What do you make Telltale do?

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I'm pretty impressed with the quality that's gone into Sam and Max Season One. I think there are a few things that need to be fine-tuned, namely situations and puzzle solutions need to get way wackier, but the episodes are quality. But as of now, what exactly Telltale will be focusing on after the season is done is... difficult to say. There's rumors that they have another IP in the works, though nobody knows whether it's original or familiar. There's a lot of the Bone story yet to cover. And of course, a Season Two of Sam and Max seems like a solid idea. They could go one of many directions at this point.

What I'm asking is if you had the choice, what would you have them do? It can be anything from obvious (more Sam and Max) to creative ("tell us the story of the radioactive giraffe who fought the dastardly Lassie Alliance, Telltale") to impossible (make new [place unused Lucasarts graphic adventure IP here] games!). It's your universe, do what you want with it.

I'd love to work with them on my graphic adventure design, but considering that I think my design document for it may have died with my laptop's hard-drive, I'm not sure I can say that. I'd really love to see them work on an entirely new IP, one that has no basis in reality, if you know what I mean. Something with an insane premise that has equal potential for drama and comedy, and most of all, will let them play to their strength; incredibly strong writing.
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