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The Sam and Max Show

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Started this thread because couldn't find much information about this. Around 1991 there was a planned comic called 'The Sam and Max Show' by Epic Comics according to a Marvel Age Magazine article:

"The book will allow the duo to show off their knowledge of crime history as they introduce each of the three stories in every issues. 'The stories are going to be presented with Sam and Max introducing characters to their crime archives' Purcell explained 'It's done as a sort of variety show, where they appear at the microphone in little skits and they introduce each story for their 'Legends of Crime' and show off their collection of weird artifacts.
'The first half will be a tale about Sam and Max and Sam and Max will also run throughout the book,' he noted ' the second half will be different characters that I made up. I'll be writing them but other artists will be drawing them. For now the artists are Art Adams and Mike Mignolia. Art Adams will be doing Skull-Boy...a little boy with a smoldering head' Purcell said, laughing 'he has to function in the regular world as any other boy... except that he has amazing abilities- he can shoot a lethal beam from his head.'"

Does anyone know any more than this? Was it released? Is there anything in the sketchbooks? Or is it just another unmade project in the history of Sam and Max.:(
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  • I think it might be an unmadde project in Sam and Max history

    These are all the ones that have been released, according to the Wiki. Their search thing is broken, so I couldn't look for the exact name.
  • I think the Wiki needs a page for unmade projects, like Plunge Through Space and Freelance Police.
  • I haven't heard ANYTHING about this before, but I would love to see it. As far as I know, it was never released.
  • I don't know much about comics but it seems to me if they would advertise the poduct it would be quite near complete. And if it was just another unmade project it seems like a real shame because it sounded like this would have been the thing that could of launched a long comic career for Sam and Max.
  • Does anyone have a definate answer to this, I thought the all knowing Harold B may have had some insight.
  • Me? Thank you, but I'm afraid this is the first I've heard of it. Since word of this never reached the old comicography list, the Telltale and GamePro history features or wikipedia, I'd be very much surprised if it's ever gotten out of the unfinished project stage. As you may know Epic did all of one Sam & Max issue and the Special Color Collection in 1992 before getting in bad weather itself, so this could have fallen through for a number of reasons.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Answer found! In this 2006 interview with Steve at Comic Book Resources. Found care of Google, linking to a post by our own jp-30 and Emily in this thread.
    Steve Purcell said:
    "In 1993 I had committed to a three-book anthology miniseries for Marvel/Epic. There was to be a three-chapter Sam & Max story written and drawn by me and then other stories with new characters drawn by other artists. The series was called 'The Sam & Max Show.' At the same time I was offered the chance to do a 'Sam & Max' game with LucasArts. I quickly realized I couldn't do both. My previous two Epic 'Sam & Max' books were not really marketed well - they were hard to find on the stands when they were released so I had no reason to believe the mini-series would be any different. So I opted for the game. I spent close to a year on it and it was well worth doing. Somehow they're still selling copies of 'Hit the Road.' After that I spent much of my time working on the TV show and starting a family so there wasn't much time left over to do comics."
  • Thanks Jake it boggles the mind to think what would of happend if he made the comic instead.
  • Sausy Gibbon;388898 said:
    Thanks Jake it boggles the mind to think what would of happend if he made the comic instead.
    Sam and Max becoming integrated into the Marvel Universe, maybe? :D Just think of what could've been...

  • Sausy Gibbon;388898 said:
    it boggles the mind to think what would of happend if he made the comic instead.
    Well, if the comics were made instead of hit the road, probably, best case scenario being that the comics sell outrageous numbers, Sam & Max would have recieved more exposure and media and become slightly more famous than today.

    Worst case scenario being that Steve abandons Hit the Road, considered by many to be the best in Lucasarts' adventure games, and the comics sell poorly thus the franchise being ended right there... So yes, it boggles the mind a bit too much, heh heh
    RAnthonyMahan;389006 said:
    Sam and Max becoming integrated into the Marvel Universe, maybe? :D Just think of what could've been...

    :eek: Now THAT would have been awesome! *sigh* Meanwhile I'm just waiting for Mega Man to be announced for a playable character already... :(
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