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Tony Stacchi Concept Art?

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
Hey guys, I have a bit of a request to everyone here, but I've already put it forward in another thread, so I'll just quote myself and post the quote here:
HaydenWCE" said:
I'm sure we're all aware of the canceled Monkey Island which never saw the light of day. All we ever saw of that project was some concept art from Mr. Steve Purcell and Tony Stacchi. I currently have all of the Purcell concept from that project saved on my computer, but I'm missing all of Stacchi's because, unfortunately, his website is no longer up. So, I was wondering if any of you guys here happen to have Stacchi's concept art saved somewhere on your harddrive, and if there was any small chance that you could zip 'em to me through sendspace or something. It's no biggie if no-one can help me, but it'd be nice to be able to get my virtual hands on those virtual pieces of concept art. Thanks in advance.
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    I found this. The LeChuck looks like its by Steve, but the rats and most of the other characters definitely don't look like his style.

    EDIT: A website I found said that the art was done by Tony but was painted by Steve.



    EDIT: Found higher-res versions on this site in a movie art topic. Dunno which ones were all Tony's but I know for a fact these two were.
  • Thank you very much, I have the first image saved on my computer, but not the second. And even so, I haven't ever found that first image in such high quality, either.

    Although, there are more pieces out there, so any further additions from anyone would be appreciated.

    Extra Note: I do have the means of getting my hands on these pieces of art, but I'd only be able to do so through taking printscreens of a certain Youtube video, as the uploader of said video suggested (see comments). However, I'd much rather be able to have higher quality images, which is why I'm making this request. I may just end up going with the printscreen idea, though.
  • Looking at the ones you just posted, look closely to the second one. The one with Elaine and her crew. Notice the familiar-looking object one of the pirates is holding? And the greedy smile on Elaine's face me think they're right in front of the Giant Monkey Head.

    Anyone else agree?
  • Looking at that prehistoric Big-Lipped Alligator makes me glad this movie was never made.
  • Secret Fawful;389665 said:
    Look at that prehistoric Big-Lipped Alligator makes me glad this movie was never made.
    One less Nostalgia Critic to watch. :(
  • Rumors are this movie turned into the first Pirates of the Caribbean, I've heard.

    But I would've loved to see it Monkey Island-y.
  • Thank you for those, Radogol! They are exactly what I was looking for!
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