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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Special Edition (Please)

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I've done a search for 'Indiana Jones' and 'Fate of Atlantis' in this forum, and I haven't yet come across a thread dedicated specifically to this topic, but if one exists, please excuse my creating a new thread. I would simply like to reiterate the point if it's already been made:

I would love to see TellTale Games develop a Special Edition of 'Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis'. If an original Indy game in the same style could be developed, that would also be very welcome. FoA was such a great game with an excellent soundtrack as well!
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  • Telltale didn't make the Special Editions of SoMI and MI:2, Lechucks Revenge.
  • 'Twas the work of LucasArts, and good luck getting them to listen to their fans.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. Well, you're right...the likelihood that LucasArts will remake Indy FoA is very slim indeed, I would imagine. Oh well...thanks Steam, ScummVM and DOSBox. I wish the fan-based games were a little further along. That said, I worry about the quality of writing in some of the demos and screenshots I've seen. =(
  • Fate of Atlantis is TOO good for a remake. It's a classic.

    I understand Monkey Island 1 and 2 are considered classics, untouchable but FOA is a stand alone CLASSIC, TIMELESS. MI series has 4 sequels and constant and active whiny fan boys.

    Just like the Final Fantasy series that is remaking all their classics...

    FOA is not a game in the same boat, it's a one time hit wonder, it's a CLASSIC Indiana Jones game.

    They should leave it alone, just like they should leave LC alone.

    It's not current, it serves as a one hit wonder in time, it's timeless. It doesn't need current whiny fan boys' sugar coating the franchise...*ECK*

    leave FOA alone...

    It's as rotten an idea as Star Wars special edition.
  • They need to remake it and add CGI gophers, a flying fridge, CGI monkeys, and Shia LeBeouf. It would be amazing. I'll go e-mail George Lucas the idea. Oh and make the game in 3D only. Have the Nazis always shoot first and have a rapping fly alien.
  • image

    Look, it's perfect already.
  • The only reason I see for a FoA remake is adding voices, just like the MI remakes...
    Oh, wait, FoA already have voices. There's no need to remake, since it's just PERFECT as is.
  • Javi-Wan Kenobi;388319 said:
    There's no need to remake, since it's just PERFECT as is.
  • Only if they can get Harrison Ford to do Indy's voice.
  • I'd be fore an FoA remake. FoA is my fav adventure game, and I wouldn't mind redone graphics as long as they don't go for a stylized cartoonish look, which works for MI, but wouldn't work for Indy. Or maybe they can make a wholly original Indy adventure game :). They never did finish Iron Phoenix....
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