Bringing back my ol' crazy theories

I'm playing through TOMI once more (very happy with these chapter endings, what were you guys on about?) and it's reminded me of my suggestion (wrong so far) that Morgan Le Flay would be revealed as Elaine's long-lost sister in the final chapter.
My theory is that Morgan will became the Pirate God but will indeed be redeemed, as she appears to hope, by the love of a good man - but it will be LeChuck, not Guybrush. Unfortunately this leaves Noogie alone, but perhaps she's got a sister.
WHAT AM I SAYING?! Of *course* she's got a sister! In Arthurian legend, the sister of Morgan Le Fay is - Elaine! Who is queen of a series of islands!!

No, that's a mistake. It wasn't Elaine who was queen of Orkney, that was the third sister, Anna (in later sources renamed Morgause). I vote Telltale ought to introduce a third sister accordingly, call her Anna, and cast Charity James. No?
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I used to be on board with the sister theory, but have given up on it now. Guybrush actually mentioned the name "Morgan LeFlay" to Elaine in Spinner Cay - if they were sisters, Elaine surely would have said something at that point. Unless Morgan LeFlay is a pseudonym...

Which seems likely, since in "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal" everybody has heard rumours of Morgan Le Flay but each story is entirely contradictory as to who or what Morgan Le Flay actually is. Also, as "Lair of the Leviathan" opens, Morgan practically spits out Elaine's name when she refers to her, yet doesn't seem all that jealous of her position as wife to Mighty Pirate. But if they were sisters, and Morgan at least was aware of it...
As to the whole Morgan is Elaine's sister theory:

Guybrush mentions that Elaine has a REALLY good looking sister in LCR... Morgan anyone?

See. Told you there was another sister!

Wow. The silence is deafening. Is that a tumbleweed?


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    Well at the end of Chapter 2 Guybrush says to Morgan:

    "Well you better believe it, sister!"


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    As lovely as it is having Alexandra Boyd back as Elaine, a British woman having a very American grandfather and possibly sister is quite odd. :p
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    I like the idea, it highly amuses me. Now if you can just make LeChuck Guybrush's father... and also Morgan's unkle.... (yes think about that a moment....)
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