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Feast for the Senses Map Clues

posted by Jeemy on - last edited - Viewed by 378 users

I'm sorry to ask such a simple question but I have searched to no avail.

Just TOMI4 the Feast for the Senses map has the clue for the napkin on it. I obtained the piece and combined it with the sponge. At this point the Voodoo Lady started giving us clues about antipasta, which we solved.

But now she only offers those two topics - napkin and antipasta. The map still reads Clue One - so all we have left to go on are the icons - mouth, eye, brain, etc.

So is this correct? You are just left to work on the icons alone? Or should the clue on the map and the Voodoo Lady's conversations update as you solve puzzles?

If its glitched is there any idea how to fix it? I've tried most conversation options and revisiting areas to try to make it switch over...

We are on the PS3 version.
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