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Invalid software certificate?

posted by bentsch on - last edited - Viewed by 159 users

I'm trying to install Sam & Max 3.01 on PC. When I check for a valid software (code signing) certificate, it says "certificate can not be validated" (roughly translated from German). The certificate path only shows the "Telltale, Inc." certificate, no root certificates whatsoever.

I have checked with the checksums from, so the executable seems to be correct.

Is the error on my side or is the certificate broken or...?

I'm running Windows 7 Home.

Thanks in advance,

Edit: I've also checked this on Windows XP. It does not even show me a valid program icon for SamMax301_PC_Setup.exe, let alone a "certificate" tab.
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  • Any answer from support team, maybe?

    Or am I the only one to actually consider a certificate as an important way to verify software integrity?
  • Sorry I missed your initial post. Did you download the installer from our site?
  • Hello Amy, sorry for answering so late, I had almost forgotten about it.

    The answer is yes, I downloaded it from your site, and just to be sure I downloaded again (for the third time). The result is always the same.

    It looks like this:

    It's German but should not be too hard to understand - basically, it says that the certificate can not be confirmed. Also the certificate path is kind of short.

    Kind regards,
  • Oh well, I give up. I hope you fixed this on the upcoming DVD, at least.
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