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Games for a French Student?

posted by queen_of_the_lobsters on - last edited - Viewed by 303 users
I've been searching out video games in French to improve my listening comprehension. My criteria for these games is that there is a lot of spoken dialogue (as opposed to just subtitles), and that the games are more puzzle heavy (as opposed to action adventure heavy and dependant on fighting). I've already played Sam & Max in French (Seasons 1 & 2) and found them to be a great help. Are there any other games you could recommend as French study aids (I'll need to understand/learn French to finish the games, of course!)? Also, does anyone think the Professor Layton series in French will help my listening comprehension?
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    Cauchemar, les Aventures

    La foire aux mysteres

    I hope these qualify; the only spoken dialogue is French, although these games tend to rely less on dialogue and more on atmosphere.

    Natively French, and it's an incredible game to boot.
  • I'm French, and while Little Big Adventure and (especially) its sequel are fantastic games, I wouldn't advice them to you for oral practice. Most of the voices have humorous intonations and can not be considered as a model for your accent.

    Personnally, I've been using videogames to practice English vocabulary and grammar for years, but they're not your best choice for oral practice. I think you'd better turn to movies or radio.
  • Most adventure games have a French version. Monkey Island, Broken Sword, The Longest Journey, Beyond Good and Evil are all available with French dialogue. And it can be good to play a game you're already familiar with.

    I don't think the Layton games would be that helpful. There isn't really much spoken dialogue. I haven't played them in French, but a lot of DS games are "subtitled" meaning that the voices are still in English, so there is a slight chance it might be the case with these, too.
    Generally, DS games aren't that good a choice if what you're interested in is spoken dialogue.
  • Yes it's true... MI 1,2,3 (and... huh... MI4) are available with French dubbing (which is excellent, in my opinion)...

    But not Tales yet... If only...
  • Are you a student taking French, or a student in France? Or both? Perhaps just a student from France? Or your learning how to be a baguette?
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