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Season 1 CD Checklist

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Sorry if this has been posted, but vBulletin doesn't let you search for the word 'CD'...

Lets get a thread going on what YOU would like Telltale to include on the Season 1 CD/DVD release.

Here's some to start with.
  • Retooling of the episodes, possibly upping the bitrate of voices (if DVD is used as the media) and bringing the earlier episodes in line with the later ones (i.e. fonts and other little gubbins that don't break the game, but still nark. The staggering difference between Out from Boneville and Great Cow Race springs to mind)
  • Each episode from the season linked together as one flowing game, rather than having to jump back to windows to load each exe (we know this is happening in one form or another - be it in-game or via some DemoShield flash gubbins)
  • All the free web content so far, including the soundtrack (as mp3s) and the machinima shorts (hopefully rendered in the engine as standalone cutscenes rather than external avis)
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