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Sam & Max: The Fan Series!! possibly coming in 2011

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Next year, I'm thinking of making a stop-motion Sam & Max series starring me and my partner, Williamstanator (aka Missoliverandblossom). Of course I will give Almighty Steve the recognition as I say "From the creative mind of Steve Purcell," and I may need some more help, what do you guys think?


Sam: Missoliverandblossom

Max: me

Jimmy Two-Teeth:

Bosco: Missoliverandblossom
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  • Better make voice acting well or it just ends up ruining the project. No point to add voice acting just sake of it, unless it is good. Some of the fan projects for various things including Predator has next to no voice acting expect in beginnig and then it is almost pure action.
  • it's not a fan GAME series, it's a fan VIDEO series
  • Making this poll multiple-choice is kinda pointless...
  • If you want to do it go ahead, no need to ask the internet for opinions.
  • You should make a casting call here! I almost got the Human LeChuck part in the "I Wonder What Happended" from ToMI :D
  • I'd like to see that. Heck, I'd even help do voices if you needed it.
  • well anyone who wnts to voice someone, send me an audition
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    are they based on the episodic games or you just make up the idea or other
  • caeska;390776 said:
    Making this poll multiple-choice is kinda pointless...
    I vote BOTH!
  • Personally I think your making a BIG mistake. do not rely on people who just "want to help" (VA or otherwise) because I've learned personally that most will help the mare minimum they can (or just vanish when the work starts) and those who stay will be unreliable and hold you back possibly weeks. This is NOT directed at anyone here, for all I know each and every one of you can and will help 100%, but my experience on every other forum I've asked for help with a video/game/book/etc project has left me high and dry doing all the work myself or backlogging me for weeks at a time when someone couldn't get online but "promised" they would (and rarely showed up or never showed up)

    The reason companies like TTG can do it? THEY PAY PEOPLE the rest who are simply volunteering for a project are just giving what time they have or feel like giving, and that may change radically over the course of production (imaging being 1/2 way through recording and your lead VA vanishes)

    Do it yourself or prepare for a trip through hell. to date in about 10 years of work I've found 1 person dedicated enough to work on a project together... _1_ not even my then-fiance could be bothered to help me on my projects...

    Good luck, your gonna need all of it you can get!
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