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I've just watched "Frequency" -with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel- on TV (for third or fourth time, I like that movie quite much), and I came to think about the Back to the future game, considering all that "messing with the timeline" thing. But then I realized is much more like DOTT: Comunicate between different times, rather than actually moving into different times... Then I saw the scene where the father "gives" the wallet to the son and I thought "this REALLY is DOTT"
What do you think?
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  • Umm... I agree, basically. It's a fun movie with some similarities to BTTF and plenty of similarities to DoTT.

    It would be interesting if we had an episode of the BTTF game where the two main characters are separated across time but can use some kind of technology to communicate with each other... that would break all kinds of causality rules by BTTF standards, but it would still be fun to play. Something like the Doctor Who episode "Blink," with communication basically going only one way most of the time, could also be very interesting in a game format.
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