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Ask the Telltale Back to the Future Team (Almost) Anything!

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We're doing another Back to the Future Q&A session (our last was with series co-creator Bob Gale), this time with some of the Telltale Games Back to the Future team.

We'll have first episode director Dennis Lenart and series designer Mike Stemmle up for questions this time around...and anybody else from the team that is in the vicinity.

Ask as many questions as you like in this thread (this is the only place I'll be taking questions from). Make sure to get them in by 12:00 pm PST on Monday, October 25 - I'll be closing the thread at that point.

Keep this in mind: This is a pre-release Q&A, so while you can leave any questions you like in the thread, things like 'what is the storyline for the entire season?', 'is so-and-so playing Character McGillicutty?' or 'what are all the time periods the game takes place in?' probably won't get answered. All that stuff will be officially answered in due time - it is the 25th Anniversary of the film's release soon isn't it?

Anyway, have fun asking your questions!
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  • Do we see medieval times and/or times before that?
  • I just wanted to know did anyone ever feel intimidated on this project. As in " Man I don't want to ruin my favorite series, how should we approach this?."
  • Are puzzles easier/harder in your eyes compared to prior series from a design perspective? (ie, Is it easier to come up with a puzzle for BTTF then it is to come up with one for Wallace and Gromit?)
  • Tell us a bit about the soundtrack. eg. Will you be recording a new score (based on Alan Silvestri's theme) by Jared E-J? And might you be using any pop / rock songs in the game, perhaps even by the likes of BTTF stalwarts Huey Lewis & the News or ZZ Top?
  • Do you feel proud with you've done so far?
  • jp-30;391279 said:
    Tell us a bit about the soundtrack. eg. Will you be recording a new score (based on Alan Silvestri's theme) by Jared E-J? And might you be using any pop / rock songs in the game, perhaps even by the likes of BTTF stalwarts Huey Lewis & the News or ZZ Top?
    Fixed and seconded
  • Javi-Wan Kenobi;391281 said:
    Fixed and seconded
    Maybe he was referring to Jurassic Park :p

    Seriously though, excellent question! And if I may add something to it... Will the music be syntethized or will it have some live players?
  • Which experiences from your previous episodic episodes have been the most beneficial and will enhance the gaming experience for this series?

    Does this new title introduce any new concepts being introduced to the episodic adventuring formula now that Telltale seems to have all the basics down?
  • 1. Back to the Future is arguably the biggest license placed in Telltale's hands yet. Have the developers felt any sort of unusual pressure dealing with such a large, beloved property?

    2. On a similar note, suppose you could get your hands on whatever license you wanted. Complete creative control, no questions asked. What would you give the Telltale treatment to?

    3. This one's for Michael Stemmle specifically. You were heavily involved with Sam and Max Hit the Road, a game currently trapped in something of a legal limbo, since LucasArts still owns the game but not Sam and Max themselves. This isn't a "Is this going to happen?" question, but would you like to have Hit the Road resurrected in some way? (Be it a remake, a re-release, or maybe even using characters from it in future Sam and Max episodes.) And now that you've revived Sam and Max and Monkey Island, is there another old LucasArts adventure you'd like to breathe new life into?

    4. What has working with Christopher Lloyd been like?

    5. As a big fan of adventure games, from Infocom to Sierra to LucasArts to...well, Telltale, I'm grateful for how you've been contributing to a genre that would probably be dead without you. Do you hope your success will inspire other companies to make adventure games of your own, or are you happy to more or less have a monopoly on the genre?

    6. Despite generally making your games with the PC in mind, nearly your entire library has had a console release at this point. Have you had any sort of difficulty developing your games for both computers and consoles? Which one have your games found more success in? Also, since you've experimented in portable gaming now by producing games for the iPhone and iPad, do you see any potential in bringing Telltale to the Nintendo 3DS?

    7. I don't really have another question, but um...what's the deal with Superball? Every time we see that guy it just raises further questions. :p
  • [LIST=1]
    [*]How will the game be different from or simliar to the original BTTF trilogy?

    [*]Will there be any features of this game that will be brand new for Telltale?

    [*]When can we expect the game to be out?

    [*]One last question: When can I preorder?
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