New Bone Wallpaper

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I noticed that there was a new 'Bone' wallpaper today in the "Bone" area. Maybe it's been there for a while, I dunno..but thanks for the 1280x1024 resolution! I needed that size to fit the native resolution of my lcd monitor perfectly...and it does!

Are you gonna put one out for 'The Great Cow Race'? Maybe in say...1280x1024??


  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    There may be at least one or two more Bone wallpapers that we can squeeze out. I'll dig around!

    That wallpaper went up last week by the way, as mentioned in the blog!
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    Oh, great! That's good news. I must've missed the blog for that week.

    Thanks for the reply!!
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    I've seen the wallpapers and they look awesome!
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    Just dropped in a new Bone wallpaper - Cow Race themed - on the wallpapers page (scroll down to the bottom). This is the wallpaper we put together to be the desktop of the Cow Race demo machine at the Independent Games Festival last month (Cow Race was in the Festival because it was up for an award for excellence in sound and music).
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    Alright! Thanks Jake!!
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