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Worst Endings

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There are many films, books, games, etc. that are quite good, or even extremely good, the entire way through, but then are let down by a bad ending. Now, whether this ending be too short, too anti-climactic, too predictable, too far-fetched, too rushed, too cheerful and happy [that you eventually start to feel that it's overkill, and actually get angry] , too long and dragged out, or just poorly executed in general, they all have the same effect. You're left either unsatisfied or with a bitter taste in your mouth. But, unfortunately, so many stories suffer from this.

So, here's a place for you to discuss what you feel to be some of your least favorite endings.
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  • well Im gona have to say Monkey Island 2 either it ending as a dream or LeChuck putting a spell on you after you kick his ass just seems weak.
  • Hooboy, I could see myself making a lot of posts in this thread. I'd say "Curse of Monkey Island", but that would imply that it was good before the ending, when really the ending is just the worst part of a bad sequel.

    So I'm going to go with the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Over the Edge". That would have been amazing as a story arc. Death of a major supporting character leading into an arc with Batman as a fugitive from a police force headed by a vengeful Comissioner Gordon. THAT would have been badass. The ending they used felt
  • Alien

    The way the alien was taken out was stupid. I really have a lot of complaints about this movie overall.

    7 Days A Skeptic

    A barely hinted at, really stupid, really out of nowhere, really boring, really uninspired, really dumb, really bad ending that added nothing to the story or characters.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    I liked the happy part of the ending, I liked that Edward and Winry hooked up (characters I've watched since I was a young teen) and had children, and I liked how most of the other stories wrapped up. I didn't, however, like how easily Envy was taken down compared to the first series (Arakawa really missed some potential for cementing his villain status for all time; instead he jobbed), I didn't like that Riza didn't die after HAVING HER THROAT SLIT AND GUSH BLOOD, and I didn't like the fact that the villain absorbed the Truth and then did absolutely ...nothing... with his power. He stood there. He did nothing. He was boring. The battle with Envy at the end of FMA was so interesting because emotions were so high and the fight was good, but the battle with Father in Brotherhood was a pain in the ass to get through. So much potential for pathos and huge themes to be explored with Father and Arakawa was rushed through it by the damn Brotherhood anime. That damn thing is an abomination; a homunculus of anime in general. An artificial adaption that should have been made better or not made at all.


    Wash died. I don't care if it was unconventional. Wash died!!!!


    I'm ashamed to admit I watched this shit. I watched every episode over ten times. Then I saw the ending, finally after waiting on the broadcast to get that far. Inuyasha can kiss my ass after I slap it in the face with my dick. What a stupid poopy ending. It's like it was saying "Oh, everything up 'til now has been pointless because we're going to keep chasing Niraku but you'll never get to see it. Nyah nyah! Thanks for wasting your life on our over-dramatic romance shlock and thanks for waiting for some development when it'll never come. You little shit." And yes, I know they finally finished it. I don't care. Screw Inuyasha. Screw Kagome. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, and you can suck a monkey's **** while he ***** an alligator's mother's ***** as she ******** ***********.

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    I do like this movie. I really do. But the temple at the end is boring, especially from Spielberg. There was nothing in it! And the aliens were boring. Give me flying brains. Flying skulls. Blobs. Anything but what we got. They were trying to go for crystal men. Think about that. Crystal men from outer space sounds badass. I could draw over a hundred better concepts of that idea than what they came up with. Overall, a shitty ending to a good adventure movie.

    I have others but I'll just go straight to the mother of all endings I hate-



  • Harry Potter (I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet). It ended as a badly written fanfiction with all the main characters paired off and random children with "meaningful names" and stuff. It was sort of disappointing after seven books.
  • I wonder why no one mentioned Episode 305 of S&M yet.
  • der_ketzer;393042 said:
    I wonder why no one mentioned Episode 305 of S&M yet.
    ...Someone did? And I didn't think it's inherently obvious that it was bad?
  • The movie Precious had a horrible ending, well that movie is all around depressing.
  • Toonstruck - I want a real end,not a the end of part 1
    Dungeon&Dragons -Now we go on a mystical quest to cast ressurection on our fallen friend
    Puzzle Quest 2 - Now you have defeated the evil demon and saved the paladinpr maybe not vs. Parts of the evil god get eaten by a oger
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