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PC/Mac System Requirements (official specs on page 4!)

posted by Macarello on - last edited - Viewed by 9.3K users
I was wondering how much more BTTF might demand of my laptop compared to the Devils Playhouse? I just got TDP during the Meet the Players sale (At release I decided to go PS3 instead just in case), and it runs pretty well at levels 1-3, and adequately at 4-6 in windowed mode. There's a fair bit slowdown on the medium levels, but it's still playable. Will BTTF be at roughly the same levels? I'm aching to preorder it but want to be sure I can even play it.:
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    Ben Telltale Staff
    Nothing is finalized yet, and I don't really have an official answer, but I would say it will be similar to Sam and Max 3. We have continued to improve our tech, but nothing has been added that should cause any huge performance drops.
  • Ah, good to know thanks. Might as well hit that pre-order button then!
  • yeah, my POS lappy handles it on a lower res in a window & it's only a single core with pixel shader 1 ... so i am getting 1st free chapter to find out.

    **crosses fingers**
  • Im not sure and i think if the game is out for ipad apple ps3 so the graphics wont be something spiecal only for the pc.
    And also Telltale did sam & max and the graphics there wasnt that amazing.

    But i found now that the game system requirements for the pc arent this low.

    2GB hard disk space i hope means a great graphics and gameplay.
    And i hope the game will be full point and click cuz i dont see how you can play point and click on ps3 and ipad.

    I also saw on site that the game isnt realy point and click:

    Direct control (gamepad), Direct control (keyboard), Direct control (mouse)

    And i saw now the game is out for mobile too. and on mobile the graphics cant be that good. But i hope im wrong.


    Back To The Future: Part 1
    PREDICTED System Requirements* GD Hardware Rating Diff
    Intel Processor - Pentium 4 3.0GHz Login to compare your CPU
    AMD Processor - Sempron 3600+
    Nvidia Graphics Card - GeForce 6800 Series 128MB Login to compare your GFX Card
    ATI Graphics Card - Radeon X800 GT
    RAM Memory - 1 GB CLICK if you have bought or are going to buy a digital copy of this game
    Hard Disk Space - 2 GB
    Direct X -

    Disk space 2GB ! Sam and max each episode wasnt 2GB or im wrong?
    I think thats a good sign if the first episode is 2GB then we will have a very good graphics.

    I just hope the game is a classic point and click with the mouse and keyboards. Anyone knows if the game is a classic point and click?

  • Like Sam & Max or Monkey Island, this will have "Click and Drag" or "Mouse and Keyboard" gameplay mechanics.
  • The 2GB probably is "playing it safe". I think that they're just using the maximum allowed space in a PS3 game as the "expected size", though I doubt it'll even be a quarter of that. Telltale hasn't released system requirements yet(they may not even know them yet at this stage), so I doubt this is anything more than speculation. It even says PREDICTED, so it's not from any Telltale source.
  • I wonder if this is official, or just a "best guess".
  • To be clear, this is all speculation on the specs for the game. Absolutely not an official announcement or statement.
  • I want to do a preorder on this game

    but i dont know if my computer can handle it?
    will these FINAL specs be released soon?

    also if you buy the game on ps3, do you get the final dvd as well?

    i just dont want to miss out on anything.....

    also will the game on the ps3 end up being 25 bucks as well? or much much more than that?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Not sure about the PC requirements or PS3 price but PS3-only buyers will NOT get the DVD at the end of the season.
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