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A "Very" Knowledgable JP Fanatic

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First off, I would like to say I'm excited to see some new life in the JP franchise.

However, to get straight to the point, I thought I would just briefly introduce myself and offer my feedback and expertise in regards to Jurassic Park. My hope is that the Telltale developers working on the upcoming JP game are reading these forums and gathering valuable feedback from fans. Anyways, back in the day, I use to be "very" active in the JP fanatic community and I've gained considerable recognition for my published JP fan works that were released on the Internet ages ago. Most might remember me as the user "dr.dino" from Dan's JP3 Page and a number of other JP sites back in the day. Most notably, I would draw your attention to the maps I published a long time ago that are still floating around the Internet of the JP islands like Isla Nublar, Isla Sorna, etc. I scanned and published rare JP documents and artwork and wrote a detailed document alongside the JP maps.

I have a "huge" JP merchandise collection that I'm technically trying to sell now if anyone is interested in buying.

Now, I'm not mentioning all this to be boastful by any means. I'm just eager to lend my insight and feedback into this game and share the wealth of JP resources that I have at my disposal. I think we are all eager to see a new JP game and hopefully the best ever if its done right.

Best wishes to the Telltale developers and we're all looking forward to what you're cooking up for us.
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