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BTTF preorder does not display shipping cost.

posted by LeandroTLZ on - last edited - Viewed by 163 users
Hello there. I want to take advantage of the BTTF preorder for the 5 episodes, but it does not display the shipping costs, even after I proceed to checkout. I'm at the page where i would be redirected to PayPal to complete the order, and still, no shipping costs are listed.

Since I don't live in the US, I don't want to risk placing the order and then having to face ridiculous shipping costs later. Do I just have to wait for the release date in order to place an order which includes the shipping costs? If so, will the base price be higher when the game is released?
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  • That's because there is no shipping cost. The game is digitally delivered (i.e. you download it directly from the site when the game is released).

    If you want the season DVD after all of the episodes are released, then there will be a shipping cost for that, but not for the individual episodes.
  • Ah, thank you. That makes sense.
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