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Free Sam and Max episode asking for billing info.

posted by GuybrushWilco on - last edited - Viewed by 137 users
Why is it asking me for billing info on the free Sam and Max season 2 episode: Night of the raving dead, when the price ways it costs zero dollars? :)
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  • I'm guessing it's either because it's easier to just develop one kind of transaction process, instead of two, depending on price, or that all orders in their database have foreign key constraints to a billing address, so that they actually need that info, even though it might not be used for anything.
  • Because your "purchasing" it all they did was set the price to $0.00 during the promo, it's still a "purchase" through the store (I suspect so they can track who downloads it and also so they can easily make it full-price come Nov 1st)
  • AFAIK it shouldn't ask for payment info, just billing address..
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