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CSI 8 (Fatal Conspiracy): Case 1 Bug?

posted by mennovdveen on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Hi there,

Just in: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy!
Great game, but then i get stucked.
My gut sais it's a programming-failure (It's not a bug, it's a feature ;))

Anyway, i come to the following:
I have 5 different Evidence-items not checked:
Aceton & spa mud found on shoe from barber shop
Strangest thing, i allready identified it....

Shoes found in Brax's office
There is a smudge on top of the left shoe, i can tell because of the tools it hands me. But there is no possibility to get the smudge off! Tried about everything. Rebooting the PC, restarting the game, reinstalling the game, starting the level over again. It just doesn't work........

Tax forms claiming large income from Superla Spa
Can't do anything with it (no prints, not in the analyzer)

Pad of financial records showing that Superla Spa did little bussiness
Also can't do anything with it (no prints, not in the analyzer, nothing)

Portfolio with Portia Weissman's records of Superla Spa finances
Cant do nothing. Did get the fingerprint, but that's all. Checkmark doesn't come up.

In the location tab, there's a check on every location (Superla Spa, Barber Shop, Victim's Loft).

The Morgue has nothing for me
Brian Reid doesn't have anything

With Brass i can ask for a warrant to bring in mr Brax.
I get 3 evidence-items to choose from.
1) Aceton Spa (Find out what it is first)
2) Plumbing Sheer (Can't link it to mr. Brax)
3) Asbestos

I'm completely lost!
Anything would help.

Is it a bug/feature?
Am I missing something?

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  • I finally got past that point myself today. On the right boot by the second upper eyelet you can use the toolbox to collect a fingerprint. The financial records will be used after that during an interview. I never did get the checkmark on the portfolio or in Baxa office.
  • Maybe should have put Spoilers in the title, since you gave so much gameplay away in your posts.

    If in doubt in future cases do look everywhere on every piece of evidence, even the simplest thing can be easy to miss sometimes :)
  • What pieces of evidence did you collect to get the check mark for the Barber Shop?
  • Seems some people have easily forgotten about the store room to the right also.

    All in all iirc, there is 7 pieces of evidence to collect.
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