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TF2 Item Trading Thread

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 16.1K users
We've been getting a few people coming in to offer Team Fortress 2 item trades on this board.

To keep it from spamming the boards, I'm going to close all the item trading threads, and ask that all trading talk be contained in this thread.

Thanks, guys!
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  • Elvenmonk wrote: »
    That's what I was thinking but the TF2 item horders just go to the area where the items they want are.

    That makes sense. Even though it would probably be better for the TTG forum users to have it in General Chat, it's best to stop the hoarders where they're headed.
  • I wuldn't mind the exclusive gun and max hat if anyone has a spare
  • I have a brigade helm for trade. I would like a big kill, but I'll take some other hats just make me an offer.
  • Want: The pyro's monocle


    Leave me a message on my Steam page.
  • Let's see, what have I got to trade with my Telltale brethren?

    non vintage Whoopie Cap (my latest drop! Lucky me)
    vintage Glengarry Bonnet

    Aged Mustache Gray
    Zepheniah's Greed

    4 crates (2-s3, 1-s4, 1-s5)
    and something around 2 refined metal.

    I want to make even trades since I don't have much to begin with yet I'm not looking to make a profit here. So if you've been dying for something I've got and you're not just gonna trade it away, let me know!

    Also, it's VERY nice to be in a thread about TF2 trading where people actually want/have the Sam and Max items because *gasp* they love Sam and Max! I wish I had extras just so I could hand them out for free.
  • To anybody who missed Haloween Event or haven't managed to get all masks:

    I've got a Saxton Hale Bundle (All nine masks, so you can craft it yourself [+ achievement])
    and 2 already crafted Saxton Hale Masks... I'm willing to trade them for any non-vintage hats (except Alien Swarm hat) or all 3 for one Vintage Hat (in this deal not every hat counts)

    Oh, and I've got one more Pyro Mask - I can give it for anything except crates (Warning: You can't wear it because the event ended - useful only for crafting Saxton Hale Mask)
  • The sam hat and big kill is what i want.
    How much would they go for?
  • Y2Zero wrote: »
    The sam hat and big kill is what i want.
    How much would they go for?

    You have a VERY small chance of getting them, as people here actually LIKE Sam and Max. Also, don't you mean Max Hat?
  • Well, since I gave my Sam & Max items for a friend (it was her birthday :p), I guess I can try:
    That's what I've got.
    I can trade those 5 "normal" hats + Saxton Hale Mask + one of the halloween hats for Max's Head. Big Kill would be a nice "bonus", haha.

    Well, PM me or just reply here if you wanna trade.
  • Bleh, and i'm the idiot that bought season 3 on the ps3. Oh well.
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