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Opinions on Fatal Conspiracy * spoilers*

posted by major_csi_fan on - Viewed by 361 users
I have just finished Fatal Conspiracy and thought i would give my views both good and bad

The good points i think are

* each case was interesting and did have some nice twists and the overall connecting arc was handled well

* The voice acting was good and some of the performances for the killers when explaining there motives was kinda creepy espically case 3 and the music for some areas was nice to listen to

*the little games you got to do *dna testing , comparsion etc was fun ( i never played deadly intent so i don;t know if they reused those ideas)

Bad points

*may just have been me but when going over some areas some pieces of evidence where hard to spot and i feeel did come down to pixel hunting

*I didnt like the fact that i got given hints i never asked for kind of may the game abit too easy

* the cases while fun were too short i think it took me roughly 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours per case

*i think when collecting evidence the lack of tools also made the game too easy in each tool section you could only really pick one wrong tool and i don;t think i used luminol once in the whole game ^^;

*no extras after finishing the case :(

*after all the big thing about salazar getting caught etc she just escapes at the end which does leave the game on quite a cliffhanger *hopefully be downloadable cases*

overall i did enjoy the game feel free to add your own opinions i would give the game 7/10
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