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Poker Night: Releases Nov 22

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Poker Night at The Inventory

Available Nov 22nd!

We're finally talking about the game! Let's hang out and discuss things. Learn about the Pre-Order bonus and other TF2 unlocks over at IGN PC's Poker Night preview, with a ton of other info at the Poker Night website.

Official Poker Night website
Images, trailers, FAQs, etc! Also Valve has posted an update to the Team Fortress site about it, too.

Check out the trailer at the official Poker Night website, or Telltale's YouTube channel.

Your forum questions answered:

Does everyone get the unlocks, no matter where they bought it?
Update: This has changed a bit! Yes, everyone gets the updates! No matter whether you buy the game from Steam, or from Telltale directly, you will be given a code to download a Steam copy. The Steam release is the only version which can talk to Team Fortress 2, so if you'd like to get your hats, be sure to play with that version. Telltale customers who have purchased Poker Night can get their Steam code here.

I pre-ordered before you announced the unlocks! (and/or at PAX in person!) Am I still eligible for the poker visor pre-order bonus?
Of course! Like your grandpa always said, a pre-order is a pre-order is a pre-order. Any orders placed, ever, in all time, right up until the game is released, will count.

Tycho talks?!
He does! He's voiced by Kid Beyond, who Telltale fans may recognize as Bugeye in Tales of Monkey Island, and the Narrartor in Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse. Fans of geek music may recognize him from his appearances at those sorts of events, too (eg: beatboxing vs drum machine faceoff at this Jonathan Coulton concert). We felt from his experience in those roles that he could capture the snarkiness, the gravitas, and the weird cultural crate digging any respectable Tycho needs to get through the day.

Official Mini-FAQ!
(Read the full FAQ here)

Is this a real thing?
You bet your britches. Poker Night at the Inventory is a full-on no-limit Texas hold'em game developed by Telltale in collaboration with Homestar Runner, Penny Arcade and Valve.

Ok, this game has Max, The Heavy, Strong Bad and Tycho in it? It's gotta be pricier than the platinum dipped power glove I just bought on eBay, right?
Nope, $4.95. Four dollars, ninety-five cents. Why? Because we love you and want you to play it, that's why.

What's this all about, anyway?
Poker Night at the Inventory is about getting characters we know and love into an environment where they can drop their guards and be themselves. You play cards and characters have the sorts of conversations you always imagined they had but have never heard. We set out to make a game that was big on character interaction because we thought it'd be cool to hang out and play cards with guys like Tycho, Max, Strong Bad and The Heavy.
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