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Confirmed: German dubbing and French subtitles (page 2)!

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Just because one person at TTG offered his personal experiences, indicates in no way that the whole industry works this way. Put me on the opposite list where i worked on several projects where this worked out fine, once we found the right people.

Again with the right priority this can be done.

I find it kind of a questionable style closing threads in such a way. It has a bit of teenagers are moderating this forum, lacking experience and tolerance.
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  • As history has shown we already had the situation that TTG was trying to sell us some nonsense in order to make their decisions to appear more attractive. Therefore i prefer having my brain turned on.
    I wouldn't say they're lying though.

    It's just that when you don't really want something, nothing good can come out of it.
  • taumel;398541 said:
    Well, then you finally agree that translations in the first place aren't a priority for TTG and not that they aren't something which couldn't be done.
    I'm pretty sure I never said that translations were IMPOSSIBLE; I said that they could very well be IMPLAUSIBLE. (Granted, I did use the word "can", which may have been a poor choice, so for that, I apologize.)

    Anything is possible, but some things are harder for some companies, and any business needs to do a cost-benefit analysis. If it comes down between, for example, hiring a translator and hiring Christopher Lloyd, you can see why they'd pass over the translation. (And I'm not saying that was necessarily the ultimatum, I'm just giving it as a possible reason why they'd pass up translation.)
    taumel;398541 said:
    As history has shown we already had the situation that TTG was trying to sell us some nonsense in order to make their decisions to appear more attractive.
    When did this happen?
    taumel;398541 said:
    Therefore i prefer having my brain turned on.
    Once again, you turn to a passive-aggressive indication that anybody who disagrees with your view is not thinking. That's a form of argumentum ad hominem, it's a logical fallacy, and it's another insulting statement.
    taumel;398541 said:
    Saying you're wrong sometimes just is the shortcut for a lot of text when you either don't feel after typing all this or have the time to do so whilst knowing that the other person just isn't right.
    In the immortal words of a certain sketch comedy group, "An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. It isn't just contradiction." Just saying I'm wrong over and over without actually explaining where my points fall apart is a case of argumentum ad nauseam, another logical fallacy. To fall back on it, and then claim that I don't have "respect for the intelligence and time of the others taking part in a discussion" comes off as hypocritical. You've claimed that I haven't raised good points, but I have been trying to raise points, instead of falling back on saying "you're wrong" and leaving it at that.

    I'm not trying to attack you, and I apologize if any of this comes off as harsh, but I hope this helps you understand my perspective in this whole debate.
  • I'm sorry but you simply don't seem to get the point that doing translations is perfectly possible and not the most effecive cost factor of a game production (but if they work together with George W. Bush you might even be right). Instead you're again dancing around the what if and couldn't it be campfire of more unrealistic hypothesis.

    There have been several cases, one of them was the big discussion about point&click but i won't open this can for you again. The way you're straight to the point would turn this into a additional discussion which won't end until the end of year.

    I'm not insulting you but if you prefer misinterpreting it this way, i can't stop you. I told you already above that i'm not fond of discussions about discussions, which is what you seem prefer talkting about.

    So my suggestions would be, again, that we both just stop it. You're fine with the way TTG handles things and are kind of afraid that otherwise you might won't get valuable aspects in there. I say due to my experiences this is rubbish. You'll most probably enjoy BTTF. I won't buy it unless i don't get proper translations. Suum cuique.
  • Seriously, if doggans doesn't want to "stop it", continue your little chit chat in private messages, or the thread will get closed...
  • BTW, we still don't know if the game will be english only.

    My bet? English only.
  • From the just-received press release;
    Telltale Games said:
    Telltale will also offer Back to the Future: The Game with complete voice and text translations for German language speakers, as well as a version with French text localization. The German language version will be available from Deutsche Telekom AG's gaming platform Gamesload (, as well as from and Steam. The channels will share more information on localized versions as they prepare for release.
    Not clear if these will be ready on launch day, but good news for the German & French speakers nonetheless.
  • Well, just for me, it's completely pointless, since I speak english fluently and the only reason I wanted a french version was because of the original voices that I'm used to since my childhood. ^^'

    But I guess it's a pretty good thing for the french people who can't understand english well enough to play adventure games !

    Thanks for telling us anyway !
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Where is that press release?

    It seems to imply those versions will be up the 22. (since they say it's a first for Telltale games to do it)
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