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Confirmed: German dubbing and French subtitles (page 2)!

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Just because one person at TTG offered his personal experiences, indicates in no way that the whole industry works this way. Put me on the opposite list where i worked on several projects where this worked out fine, once we found the right people.

Again with the right priority this can be done.

I find it kind of a questionable style closing threads in such a way. It has a bit of teenagers are moderating this forum, lacking experience and tolerance.
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  • If you are translating in German and in French why not also in Italian, Spanish or other languages? The thing wouldn't bother me if it wasn't that Wallace and Grommit had immediate translation in all the languages! For Tales and Sam & Max nothing and for this game only two?
    I love Telltale, but... what kind of logic is this?
  • Because others aren't done yet.

    The fact that french text version is up (and not just the full voice and text german one) kinda indicates they will add in the future more translations, text only of course.

    The germans are known to be the country which likes "adventure games" the most. And as for the french, I think it may have to do with the Canada.

    It might seem unfair but it's not, those translations are done so they give them to us right away. That's better than letting everybody wait for it till every one of them is done, in my opinion.
  • Some translations some party
  • Strayth;422510 said:
    Because others aren't done yet.
    I REALLY hope it's only a matter of time! But seriously guys, I hope it's temporary, I still can't understand why they could translate also in spanish and in italian for W&G and not for this game!
    I was thinking that it was a matter of time (they hadn't time for sending the original text), but they had time to send the text for being translated in French and in German!
    So guys, if Italian and Spanish people will be angry for that, seriously, there is a reason.

    With that said I will still play BTTF in english on day one, but I hope that we will get someday an italian translation :)
  • mightypirate;422502 said:
    If you are translating in German and in French why not also in Italian, Spanish or other languages?

    Yeah! I want my BttF in Walloon!
  • So... is there any chance that you add spanish text localization in the future? (Before 2015 would be great)
  • Giant Tope;422582 said:
    Yeah! I want my BttF in Walloon!
    And I want mine in Klingon!
  • Obviously, Spanish will be done. I'm sure of it.

    Germany is the country where point and clicks have the most success(that's also why they have a dub). And as for French, I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that the Canada has french speakers. (for instance a PSN release would need it since Canadian and American store update at the same time)
  • Wonderful news!!!! :D
    Good Job, Telltale! I like this! :D
    I'm Italian, but I don't complain because you're on the right path! ;)
    Next time think about Italian and Spanish... but for now: GREAT NEWS! :D
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