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Error in shipping method TOMI deluxe

posted by stivenkosner on - last edited - Viewed by 161 users
In selected shipping method is USPS Priority Mail International, but putting USPS tracking says it's First-Class Mail International.

Order #600075931388069 | Placed October 29, 2010

Sorry my english
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  • The USPS tracking status is basically a place holder. USPS picks up the package from us and then hands it off to global courier to deliver it to you. Due to the large amount of packages sent this way USPS only updates the tracking information in the event that we request a trace due to a lost or stolen package.

    It says the same thing for every package no matter where it's going or how it was shipped.

    International orders can take up to six weeks to reach you.

    If after six weeks you still have not received your order please let me know.
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