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After a strange shipping mishap, I can't activate my game because I never ordered it!

posted by Yukondano2 on - last edited - Viewed by 318 users
Hey, I ordered Strong Bad's Cool Game for subtractive people, and when I got my game in the mail It was Wallace and Gromit! My dad emailed the company and said we should just keep it since I can't send it back. They sent us on accident however, not one, But TWO copies of SBCG4AP. Not that that matters, but i can't activate The Wallace and Gromit game because it isn't associated with my account. How would this work?
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  • Yukondano2;400066 said:
    How would this work?
    It's pretty simple, really. You got an extra copy of a good game. Give it away to a friend. You also got the worthless DVD edition of another good game. This one you didn't pay for, so put it on a shelf if you like the artwork, otherwise just throw it away. Had it been any other Telltale game, you'd have a playable DVD for free.
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    What makes the DVD worthless?
  • It's the least good DVD of Telltale's games... And it's the only one to require online activation for playing it.
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