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How Much Dialogue?

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I've seen it mentioned in several places that "Poker Night" will have more dialogue than a "Sam and Max" episode, but how much dialogue is this exactly?
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  • I remember hearing 2,500+ lines somewhere.
  • Well, given how both Tycho and Strongbad are mainly dialogue-driven characters (albeit the fact that the former, until recently, had been through text), we're looking at prolly at least a couple of solid hours of dialogue alone, not including gameplay.
  • If we assume for the sake of argument that there are 2500 lines of dialogue (ja2ke did claim 2500+ on the Steam forums) each averaging three seconds long, then there are 2500 * 3 = 7500 seconds of audio, or 7500 / 60 / 60 = approx. 2.083 hours of audio.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    RAnthonyMahan;400865 said:
    I remember hearing 2,500+ lines somewhere.
    Probably an exaggeration due to 3am forum posts. It's probably 1500-2000 though. I don't remember at this point, it could be more. The reason I gave the 2500 number somewhere is because there are a slice of lines in the game that can play in two different contexts that we act and shoot differently, so the voice line repeats but the character's performance and other characters responses will be different, etc.
  • Cool, thanks for all the answers!
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