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If you could go back in time...

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...then what would you change?

(I thought it'd be fun to post a thread like this seeing as how we're all in a BTTF mood at the moment)

We all have things that we regret, we all have things that we wish went differently, we all have things that we wish we had somehow prevented, we all have passed up opportunities and then later thought what could have been.

So here's a bit of a dream thread, where we can all share what we would change if given the ability to travel back through time, or perhaps re-live a part of your life.

If I could travel back in time, then I'd stop my mum from throwing out all of my PC game boxes when I was younger.
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  • I'd tell Congress that the Hindenburg was a fluke and, if anything, the use of explosive hydrogen in transportation should be expanded exponentially.

    Also, I'd leave 4chan memes embedded in religious texts. Furthermore, the first letters of the first words of each paragraph in all holy books ever would add up to: "No Gods or Kings, Only Men." Furthermore, the Constitution would be filled with raucous conjecture on the virtue of the King of England's parentage.
  • I'd salvage various works of literature, film, and music that would have otherwise been lost and profit from my ability to reintroduce these works to the world. Record music from before recording was even possible, rescue copies of lost film footage in prime condition such as "Metropolis" and "The Day the Clown Cried". Record the major speeches of world leaders throughout history. I'd probably not mess with things, and I'd probably return anything I took after I had it adequately copied. Oh, and ransack the Library of Alexandria(and other doomed centers of knowledge) the day before its texts were destroyed, produce copies, and spread them around the world.

    Oh, and I'd ask Jim Henson to go to a doctor about that thing he's fussing about.
  • Oh, I see. Pants is bad cop, Dash is good cop. Shame on you all.
  • I would build casinos on the moon.

    Though that'd probably be easier to do now, so I dunno.
  • I'd tell whoever gave Justin Beiber a record deal to wait until Fredrick Larrson started doing stuff and give him one instead.

    Swedish awesome vs. Canadian suck. What would you chose?

    Invader Zim would never have been cancelled. Adolf (or Adolph, I don't know/care. I could call him Squippy and it would change nothing.) Hitler would have been aborted. All human caused disasters would have been averted quickly! I WOULD BE MADE SUPREME RULER OF THE EARTH!

    okay, I got a little carried away with that last one, but the rest still stand
  • Fuck, Christian Chandler should get a record deal before that missed abortion Bieber was inflicted upon the world.
  • Id unleash armed hyper intellegent but chaotic monkeys through out the time streem.
  • I'd go back to 69 AD and tell Vespasian that he's awesome.

    Then, I'd go forward in time and tell the BBC that they'd be stupid to tape over the second and third seasons of Doctor Who. If they didn't listen to me, I'd steal all the episodes for mysterious re-release in a few years.
  • I'd screw up the time stream and then the time machine would end up in the wrong hands.


    Or I would change my name to Sherlock Holmes, and become a highly intelligent British detective in the 1800s who even manages to catch Jack the Ripper.
  • I'd take my PC back to the 80s or 90s and blow some minds.

    I'd then troll every major artist, musician and writer in history by going back to the day before they start their greatest work, and releasing it myself.

    For my grand finale, I'd go back to 2010 and tell everybody at a random gaming forum about the major events that'll be coming up. The robot war, the zombie invasion, Half Life 2 Episode 3's cancellation, the invention of the bacon tree, and of course that meteor that'll be wiping out all life on January 1st, 201-... Shit. Who turned on the time machine when I wasn't looking? They aren't supposed to know about the meteor just yet! And why am I typing everything I'm supposed to be saying out loud?

    EDIT: And why did I click Post? Furthermore, why aren't I deleting all of this before anybody can read it?
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