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Well... There it goes! Ep.3 Review! *Spoilers*

posted by Trixie on - Viewed by 110 users
Allready finished it!
Reviewing like i did for ep.2!

Graphics: 9.6
No new graphics that most poeple might think but Carry on through the game and the best graphics come!

Fun: 8.5
No Good jokes till the later parts, fell a bit sad for that

Gameplay: 7.5
It's gameplay is the same till the car sequence near the end!

Sound: ??
No Needed comment here, still 7.0-??

Value: 10!
Worth it by LOADS!

AD(my made up raiting for Adventure games): 9.5
Brilliant! still not 10 because of the Old areas!

Overall: 9.5
Buy it or Leave all Adventure games alone!

Thanks for reading!
This is a Trixie review, Next review at ep.4 release date!
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