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Almost complete list of Monkey Island fangames

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Well, someone had to do it, right? :)


Let me know if there are others. I'm sure I missed some but they're so hard to find!

Seeing all this stuff... man... it's awesome. And free Haha!
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  • I remember a game called "brother island" that was sorta a mi ripoff/fan game.
    it was made with TGF, somewhen in 2001-2002. that's all i remember
  • I wish all these people would get together and COMPLETE one awesome game... instead of all start what looks like something cool and abandon it.
  • Actually, while it is still technically alive, 'Darkness of Monkey Island' has actually been suspended by the team working on it, and it may not be revived (actually, I think I'm willing to bet that it will never see the light of day, unfortunately).

    Also, for all who wish to know, 'Return to Monkey Island' is apparently going to get an English translation soon, according to team. Though, five months have passed since that initial post, so... we'll just have to see what happens there. Either way, the game looks great.

    I've also been following 'Picaroon: The Lost Years' for over a year now, and I'm really looking forward to it. At least there's one awesome-looking fan project that is looking like it may reach completion, or at least an Episode 1.

    'IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game!' is one of the few awesome Monkey Island fan games that have actually been released as a finished product. I mean, it was very short, yes, but it was still on of the most professional-looking fan games that I've ever seen. And it was a great teaser for RotPG teaser (the IWWH video). For all who are interested, here's the thread in which all of the action and hype took place.

    By the way, thanks for posting 'Carnaval Vudú', Wolfy! I wasn't even aware of this project, but might I say it looks awesome! Well, as awesome as fan projects go. I really look forward to the English translation so that I can actually play the thing (or maybe I should just learn Spanish :D).

    Also, we have a LOT of fan game titles posted here, whether they be completed, ceased & desisted, released in demo form, etc. They were posted by a very dedicated fan gamer.

    And, one more thing. While it is no longer in production, I thought you all might appreciate seeing some concept art from a fan project by the name of 'Amulet of Monkey Island'. More here, here and here. As for why this was never completed, I'm pretty sure it was another C&D. *Sigh*, I hate LucasArts.

    'Prisoner of Monkey Island' was also another interesting-looking project, but I'm not exactly sure what's happening with it at the moment. There's meant to be some sort of demo download on the website, but the link is broken :(.

    Also, Irishmile, I agree. There's so much talent out there, and so many have attempted to make excellent fan games, but the best have either died or been stopped, and the ones that have been released have mostly been mediocre. If only, like you said, a large, dedicated team of fans could get together and actually bring us something of significant value.
  • Wow, thanks Hayden! Cool info! I'll update it as soon as I can.

    The main problem with fangames is the communication between fans. If it weren't for the distance, we'd probably be able to finish a decent looking fangame.

    Either way, such a game is definitely on my "to do" list. Tried it four times, didn't work so well. I'm working right now on the Kauff&Gustav Game, but working by yourself sucks. Jasmin (Skitty) helps out pretty much and there are others who helped a LOT with the story, jokes, puzzles etc. Putting it all together is the difficult part.

    However, nostalgia really hit me when I found these old fangames, so I'm gonna try them out again. :) Being a fan is awesome! Being a fan and having a life is even awesome-er-ness-ness...something...

    But being a fan, having a life and making a cool fangame is the equivalent of reaching Enlightenment nowadays. We'll get there...we will :D
  • No problem :). Also, I thought you might like to know that the 'Fate of Monkey Island' games are not lost - they are still available for download, along with other Monkey Island fan projects right here.

    Update: Even 'Legend of LeChuck' is there in its demo form!
  • Updated :) credits to you too, of course.

    34 fangames should keep the fans busy till ToMI2...
  • Cirque de Zale is like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer, but it's very much a MI-style game.

    Nice list, I think Night of the Hermit was the first AGS game I played. :D
  • There is a trailer on youtube for a prequel game, featuring living Murray and living LeChuck, which I don't think happened.

    I also remember playing a rather sweet little game where Max is searching for Sam, and has to persuade Guybrush to help him defeat LeChuck....
  • There`s a german Monkey Island Fan-Adventure called
    "The Voodoo of Monkey Island" ...

    Some screens and a Tech-Demo are avaible...
    but i don`t know if the project is already active :confused:




  • Ravey, I usually target the fangames in which you control a MI character. Thank you anyway :)

    FitzoliverJ, can you give us a link, please? If I get the title maybe I can look for it.

    Todesreiter, thanks! Added to the list! Looks awesome!
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