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I want to buy the full season of TOMI, but I have a capped internet connection. I just need to know the file sizes of each of the individual episodes please. Also, when I buy the full season, can I download it episode by episode?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    First column is the download size in Bytes. It's been a while since i downloaded these, so the size might vary slightly in case an episode got patched, but it should give you a general idea.

    198.087.808 LaunchOfTheScreamingNarwhal_Setup.exe
    202.666.840 ToMI_LairOfTheLeviathan_Setup.exe
    206.867.336 ToMI_RiseOfThePirateGod_Setup.exe
    269.828.160 ToMI_SiegeOfSpinnerCay_Setup.exe
    243.240.144 ToMI_TrialOfGuybrush_Setup.exe

    You can download each episode individually. Usually the episodes are initially released on a monthly basis. There is no single installer if you buy the whole season.

    Buying "the season/all episodes" entitles you to ordering the DVD for the cost of shipping though.
  • Yeah the only problem with that is I live in South Africa so the cost of shipping is through the roof.
  • So in those file sizes, its megabytes right?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    MovieGuy;402204 said:
    So in those file sizes, its megabytes right?
    No, it's in Bytes. You'd have to divide it by 2^20 to get it in Megabytes (Mebibytes to be exact).
    Here you go.
    188,91 MB LaunchOfTheScreamingNarwhal_Setup.exe
    193,27 MB ToMI_LairOfTheLeviathan_Setup.exe
    197,28 MB ToMI_RiseOfThePirateGod_Setup.exe
    257,32 MB ToMI_SiegeOfSpinnerCay_Setup.exe
    231,97 MB ToMI_TrialOfGuybrush_Setup.exe
  • Okay, assuming I can unlock the first one from the demo, I should be able to split the load accross two months. Just a question though, the demo came in a ZIP file and was smaller, so don't the full versions also come in ZIP form, maybe slightly smaller?
  • Scratch that I was thinking of another demo
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